Math Therapy: A crash course in becoming a math therapist!

A session by Vanessa Vakharia
The Math Guru, The Math Guru

November 20, 2022, 07:00 PM

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About this session

Did you know that pretty much anyone who thinks they're "not a math person" has math trauma they simply haven't worked through yet? Look, we’ve all had math teachers before…but how many of you have had a math therapist?! If you’re ready to dig deep, this crash course in math therapy is for you! This workshop will teach you the art of math therapy and empower you with the tools you need to add “math therapy” to your list of teachable. Through teaching math, we can empower our students to believe that they are capable of anything and that everything is possible. That is the greatest gift we can give our students, and THAT is what being a math therapist is all about!

Vanessa Vakharia

MA, Mathematics Education Author: Math Hacks (A best-selling Scholastic series) Podcast Host: Math Therapy Founder/CEO: The Math Guru

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