Min Lee

PrepAnywhere, PrepAnywhere B. Sc. Math & Computer Science at University of Toronto Tutoring Math for 17 years Managing director of Tutoring centre for 15 years EdTech Founder Video Production Lead in Tech Development

About this speaker

Hi! I have been tutoring Math for 17 years and now building PrepAnywhere, EdTech, Startup in Toronto, Canada. I always thought I was good at Math until University. I only realized I didn’t really understand Math at University of Toronto, where I did Math and Comp. Sci. (Typical MMM story!?). After graduating from University, I felt more fulfilled helping students to really understand Math than coding. So I have been building a tutoring company since. In 2017, I founded PrepAnywhere to build an A.I. Math tutor to make great tutoring accessible to everyone.

At PrepAnywhere I hope to help students by bringing exceptional Math tutoring experience, using A.I., at a fraction of the cost, for K-12 students. For teachers, imagine a future where you have a tutor for every child so you can focus more on delivering compelling lessons for higher engagement/meaningful discussions and stronger relationships.